Long standing volunteer moves onto new job

Published: Jun 19th, 2013 | Author: Laura Simpson

In Leeds, Citizens Online are partnering with BT and Leeds City Council to run the Get IT Together Programme, a community development approach to digital inclusion. Vic Berry, Leeds Project Coordinator for the Get IT Together Project is responsible for delivering the programme in Leeds and has been working with a number of volunteers across the City to deliver basic IT training sessions to local residents.

Upon arriving in the UK from India, Fareen wanted to gain some international work experience, hence she applied for the digital champion voluntary position in 2012. She likes teaching and felt that volunteering would be an ideal way to gain experience of working with a diverse group of people, whilst learning new skills herself.

Fareen began volunteering for our Get IT Together project in Leeds and she is now the longest standing volunteer supporting the project.  Her Asian language skills mean that she can engage with individuals from the Asian community for whom English is not their first language, ensuring that the course is accessible to a wider audience.

At the same time as volunteering, Fareen also undertook the “Training the Trainer” course with Voluntary Action Leeds, which she successfully completed in 2012. All of her hard work paid off when she is currently working as Temporary General position with education charity AQA.

Fareen commented ‘Citizens Online was my first volunteering opportunity and it gave me a lot of experience and enabled me to impart my knowledge of computers.

I found that meeting people from different backgrounds and ages increased my enthusiasm and encouraged me to develop innovative teaching techniques. This opportunity provided me with a lot of work satisfaction. At the end of each class a new zeal could be seen amongst the learners.

I feel that Vic, my former manager, works very hard with the groups and also with volunteers to bring out the best in them. I am thankful to Citizens Online for providing me with this wonderful opportunity.’

The Get IT Together Leeds Project would like to thank Fareen for her valuable contribution to digital inclusion and wish her good luck in her new job.

To find out more about the Leed project, please click here.

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