Saving money online – we share our expertise with The Telegraph

Published: Jun 8th, 2013 | Author: Laura Simpson

Kerry Bradshaw, Project Coordinator from Citizens Online explains to The Telegraph the many benefits of being online.

She said: “If somebody doesn’t want to get online and they are happy with their shopping and direct debits, that’s fine. But there are huge benefits financially and socially, especially if your family are abroad. You can save so much money calling on Skype, for example. A couple I was working with were looking at train tickets and could see they could save by booking a train an hour earlier than planned. That might not happen if you had a printed timetable.

“My mum gets her cod liver oil tablets online and my dad books flights online and gets the TV licence online. It saves you filling out a form and posting it, as well as saving the cost of a stamp.”

To read the full article in The Telegraph, please click here.

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