Digital Inclusion Volunteer Shares her Experiences

Published: Jul 4th, 2013 | Author: Laura Simpson

Bristol City Council, Citizens Online and BT have been working together to offer free Digital Inclusion courses right across Bristol. The courses are delivered by an excellent team of volunteers.

One of these volunteers, Sarah Sztumpf has been running two classes a week for over a year now, that’s nearly 200 hours of volunteering time (many thanks Sarah!). She has written a little bit about here experiences as a volunteer;

“Volunteering with Citizens Online has been a great experience for me. The enthusiasm and willingness to learn of the people who take part, make tutoring such a pleasure. For many, including myself, I think the social aspect of our weekly get-togethers becomes as important as learning about computers. Good humour and cups of tea are a key part of our sessions.

The Citizens Online course have helped many people; they have spoken of feeling more confident, others have bought a computer during or after the course, but best of all most have lost their fear of computers.

Citizens Online also takes care of its volunteers, by offering further training, where possible. Colin Speed, an excellent volunteer tutor, who is also highly qualified in the IT field, gave up some of his time to teach me Excel . Thank you Colin, what I learnt has proven to be very useful!”

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