Volunteers help learners to get online

Published: Jul 11th, 2013 | Author: Laura Simpson

Get IT Together Leeds is funded by BT and Leeds City Council and is being delivered through Citizens Online.

In June 2013, staff and residents at Connect Housing in Leeds volunteered with Citizens Online (COL) volunteers and staff to run an IT workshop. The objective of the workshop was to show learners how to use an internet browser, set up an e-mail account and send e-mails with attachments.

Learners had the opportunity to use the internet to look for work using Universal Jobmatch and other commercials sites such as recruitment agencies and supermarkets.

Sean was a volunteer recruited by Connect Housing to help out during the sessions; he has experience of using computers in call centres and is seeking work opportunities in IT support. He was a great help and support to one of the older learners and will be joining the Get IT Together Leeds team to run another class with social housing residents.

Fareen who is the longest serving volunteer at Get IT Together Leeds supported the class showing learners how to links to improve keyboard skills, which would improve the employment prospects. Fareen help us complete the course and was successful in moving onto full time work in the education sector. Please click here for Fareen’s case study.

Maria at Connect Housing was the Get IT Together champion that pulled together learners and staff volunteers from within her own organisations as well as Unity Housing and Leeds Federated Housing. A lot of hard work went into the planning of this course, and those that committed to having a go, learnt a lot so a repeat course is being planned to start June 2013. 

The volunteers were a great help in support the coordinator lead the class by pitching in setting up and packing up the kit.

Connect Housing is a charitable housing and support provider.



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