Tweetlocal and hubStroud launched this Autumn

Published: Nov 18th, 2013 | Author: Laura Simpson

A long standing goal of those interested in both digital inclusion and resilient local communities, has been to support the production of local community information hubs. Local community content is a compelling reason to go online and supporting communities through digital hubs is a great way to enhance social capital and therefore the resilience of communities. Hubs can bring together different elements of a community and they can come in to their own at a time of crisis (floods, snow, riots etc).  Whilst there have been several attempts to create useful products in this space, no one has yet managed to create a compelling resource that gets well used and is sustainable. Tweetlocal is our innovation to address this.

Tweetlocal is the overarching solution for connecting communities and we are currently trialling the approach in Stroud, Gloucestershire, through hubStroud.

HubStroud is an innovative local community website, acting as a connector and distributor of information for all areas of our community. It is designed to provide an automated, up-to-the-minute snapshot of Stroud communities and is becoming a valuable, connecting, local resource.

Information (which is easily transmitted through Twitter) from various contributors provides a constant feed of current events, information and support. Users of HubStroud do not need to be Twitter users, unless they wish to post information.

Initially the project is focusing on an events calendar and aggregating feeds relevant to #Stroud. Placing your events into the calendar is ultra-simple for agreed partners (by sending a tweet @HubStroud #Hub DateTime Name Location Weblink).

HubStroud is being developed as a partnership between Citizens Online and three Stroud based organisations (each with a specialist focus): Splatsoft (coding), Satori Creative (marketing), Transition Stroud (local community resilience).  We aim to prove the concept in Stroud and then create a product that any community can set up for themselves.

For further information, please contact Gail Bradbrook.


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