Amenia supports tenants to get online in Gwynedd

Published: Apr 13th, 2017 | Author: Laura Simpson

photo of AmeinaIn Gwynedd, Citizens Online is working with Digital Communities Wales to ensure there is ongoing support through “digital champions” for people in Gwynedd to develop their digital skills and do more online.

Ameina is a Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG) Rent Officer, helping tenants with their rent issues and with moving into new locations. Ameina deals with seven to ten Housing Benefit applications per week, and ensures all applications she deals with are done online.

Amenia has a background of working with homeless charities and with troubled individuals. She has developed good people skills and that, coupled with her own digital ability, means that she is very effective at triage.

Ameina’s first action on identifying a need to claim is to engage in a conversation about digital ability with the tenant. She establishes their ability to be able to claim online, as well as whether they have access to the internet in order to do so. Once she is confident that the client is able to claim, Ameina ensures they know where to find the form online.

She does come across some tenants who are unable to complete the form themselves, and they are invited to the office so she can help them to do it online. She does try to refer people with digital training needs on to local adult education colleges, but commented that she could do with posters and flyers in the office to advertise digital activities.

Ameina says that her selling points for tenants to do complete the paperwork online are –

Ameina commented: “doing the application online is easier, quicker and means less paperwork – what more reason do people need to do it online?”  She continued: “The tenants who complete online get a quicker, easier service and therefore feel more in control.”


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About One Digital

One Digital is a unique collaboration between six diverse and distinct organisations to achieve one common goal – delivering sustainable digital skills to people right across society.

The organisations – SCVO, Age UK, Citizens Online, Digital Unite, Affinity Sutton and AbilityNet – used Big Lottery funding to test and learn Digital Champion models as a flexible, scalable and effective digital inclusion solution. Since its inception in January 2016 the Partners have collectively recruited, trained and supported more than 1,100 Digital Champions engaging over 11,000 people across the UK with basic digital skills.

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