Our Directors

John Fisher

John Fisher

John trained as an RAF fast jet pilot (1973-1977) before joining the leisure and recreation side of local government, where he was responsible for commissioning several major projects in Nottingham and Swindon. John was Borough Leisure Officer at Thamesdown Borough Council (1993 –1996) and, as Director of Community & Leisure Services for the new Swindon Unitary Authority (1996 -2000), John’s remit included arts, museum, library, recreation, countryside and community activities.
John has extensive experience of creating partnerships between the community, business and the voluntary sector, having attracted £12m of funding for “STEAM”, the Museum of the Great Western Railway built in the former GWR Swindon works in 2000.

John joined Citizens Online as Chief Executive in February 2000, after completing an MBA at the University of Bath (1999-2001). He has since developed the organisation into a highly respected influencing and lobbying body, established to focus on the social and cultural impact of the Internet and promote access to the new technologies.

John’s hobbies include being an armchair expert in all sports, high handicap golfer and restoring old properties. He describes himself as being fascinated by the Internet but absolutely not a techie or an anorak.
Dr Gail Bradbrook

Dr Gail Bradbrook

Gail has worked for Citizens Online since 2003. She oversees the Get IT Together Programme and the Fix the Web project (web accessibility) for Citizens Online, as well as supporting the charity’s consultancy work, fundraising and strategic direction.

Gail helped establish the EC’s e-inclusion awards and has been a judge for awards from Microsoft and Nominet. Gail was previously Director of comm.unity, Business in the Community’s campaign focusing on digital inclusion and corporate responsibility for the ICT sector, which included the establishment of IT4Communities. Gail has also worked for The Standing Conference on Community Development and Groundwork. Prior to this she undertook postdoctoral research in molecular biophysics in mainland Europe and in India doing Postdoctoral research.

Gail is committed to social change issues and is supporting Tax and Economic Justice issues, Transition Stroud and Woodcraft Folk on inclusion of disabled people. She is keen on sports such as running, skiing and yoga and has two children.



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