Citizens Online delivers projects at a local level to promote social inclusion, as well as working at a strategic level to influence policy and create partnerships to affect change. The experience and knowledge gained is shared through expert consultancy services offered by Digitopian, its consultancy division, with all profits retained by COL to support its charitable objectives.

COL has an extensive network of contacts in this sector and is one of the UK’s leading organisation for promoting ICT to excluded audiences.  The charity has sat on a number of national Government boards and advises the Governments on policy development.

COL is leading a national partnership, Get IT Together, with BT and the Nominet Trust, building from the highly successful EverybodyOnline model. There are 25 national partners in total (bringing in related agendas such as home school access for children and internet safety) and a variety of local partners, including a key partner of Local Government in each location.

 John Fisher MBA: Chief Executive of Citizens Online

John Fisher: Chief Executive of Citizens Online since 2000.

Dr Gail Bradbrook: Director of Programmes and lead consultant

Director of Strategy at Citizens Online (2003-2005) returned to work following maternity leave to lead the development of “Digitopian” the consultancy division of Citizens Online, with all profits pledged to the work of the charity.

For information on our recent consultancy work, please view our portfolio of work

If you could like to discuss how we can assist you, please contact


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