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Citizens Online is a national charity that was set up to tackle the issues of digital inclusion, to make sure that the Internet is available to everybody and to help individuals and communities understand and gain the benefits of being online. We work in a number of ways, offering a powerful approach to digital inclusion that can be both sustainable and scalable.

Citizens Online works in partnership with local councils, housing associations, JCP, corporates and the community and voluntary sector to develop Digital Delivery partnerships across the UK (over 45 to date).

Our unique approach is not just to offer training courses but to effect Systemic Change to ensure that Digital is at the heart of all activities and opportunities in a local area. This ensures that the culture of the partner organisations is changed to embrace channel shift, online products, skills development, and accessibility as a core part of their strategy. This in turn leads to a proven, significant and sustainable improvement to Digital Inclusion for the organisations and their customers.

Support and delivery

We have been delivering projects that enhance social inclusion, communication and connectivity in some of the most deprived communities in the UK for over 12 years. From a multi-million pound community programme to a one-off event with stakeholders, our staff have vast experience in what works (and what doesn’t) whether you are working with Senior Officials or socially excluded people.

We can help you to initiate your projects or run them on your behalf.

Current and former clients include:

“The team at Citizens Online has been extremely professional in their management and support of our TalkTalk awards. They help us secure the vital link between our efforts in making broadband accessible to everyone and the brilliant community work being undertaken by thousands of digital inclusion charities around the UK.”

Mark Schmid, Communications Director, TalkTalk Group

Analysis and lobbying

We have produced a number of publications on digital inclusion and we use our national perspective to lobby government on related policy issues. Though we work with industry, we are fiercely independent and challenge industry about their digital inclusion responsibilities. We partner with business and the voluntary sector, deliver at the grass roots, advise Ministers, work with Local Authorities and keep abreast of opinion and research This ongoing activity provides a firm foundation for our analysis, lobbying and consultancy services.

Consultancy services

Citizens Online provides consultancy on all aspects of digital inclusion. For example, we have reviewed BT’s Community Connections programme, supported Glasgow Housing Association in establishing its digital inclusion strategy and researched the role of FE Sector in Digital Inclusion for Becta. Our unique position in the field of digital inclusion affords a deep insight from a variety of perspectives.

A full outline of our previous projects is provided on our Portfolio page.

Research and strategy

Our consultancy and advisory services includes helping organisations consider their strategic options. We can review relevant research literature or undertake bespoke pieces of primary research and evaluations.

Current and former clients include:

Knowledge transfer

We can help you increase your understanding of digital inclusion issues. As well as having a deep understanding of the issues ourselves, we are also connected to many sources of analysis and insight.

Current and former clients include:

“Intel has been developing its thinking and activities around digital inclusion over a number of years and Citizens Online have been a key partner and critical friend in that process. They have challenged our perspective and extended our understanding, whilst empathising with our business imperatives.”

T.Wilkinson – Director for Public Sector UK for Intel EMEA

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