Digital Resilience Workshops

Many organisations can struggle to fully realise the benefits of digital transformation. The opportunities reach far beyond transactional cost reduction and internal efficiencies or even higher levels of engagement with people through digital channels.

The optimum position is a resilient system where communities are supported to self-serve through digital means, basic digital skills are improved and the social value of digital transformation is increased exponentially through higher levels of employability, digital literacy, maintaining independence, social inclusion, mental and physical wellbeing and financial capability.

Service providers can struggle overcome the barriers which prevent their most excluded communities to get online and engage, with sufficient skills to continue to self-serve.  We understand these barriers and have solutions to overcome them.

Citizens Online is an award winning social enterprise charity

Our award winning approach is called Digital Resilience, reflecting the fact that we all operate in an ever changing landscape that requires us to design in self-sustaining systems within any change programme. Building resilience whilst meeting goals, means responding appropriately to external changes as well as driving internal change. We provide an end to end, turnkey approach, working at the interface of online services and digital skills within your communities. This can be delivered as any or all of six core Digital Resilience elements focused on specific aspects of change. We can tailor make a bespoke programme to suit your needs. Our free workshop will help you benchmark your current position and decide what you need to do next.

Potential benefits through a partnership approach to digital inclusion and channel shift include:

                           To book your free workshop, please contact us

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