Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Since 2011,Citizens Online, BT Nominet Trust and local partners have partnered to run Get IT Together, a three year programme of 15 projects across the UK delivering digital skills and inclusion in the heart of local communities.

From January 2015, Get IT Together will be moving into the next exciting phase, with local partners taking the lead to ensure that project successes are sustained. Citizens Online have been the lead delivery partner for the programme, and our approach has enabled 20,000 people from across the UK to go online and benefit from access to the internet.

An analysis of the social impact of the programme, and the resulting benefits, has demonstrated a value of £1,064 per annum to those who have gone online for the first time.

Our local co-ordinators have worked hard to ensure that our local authority partners and community organisations can build on the legacy of Get IT Together projects by continuing to provide digital skills training at a local level. Each project has been guided by local requirements and partnerships on their approach.



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