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Helen Dobson portrait

Helen Dobson

Managing Director

Bryan Rossi-Anderson portrait

Bryan Rossi-Anderson

Partnership & Project Manager
(Digital Brighton & Hove)

Laura Simpson portrait

Laura Simpson

Operations Manager

James Beecher portrait

James Beecher

Research and Development Manager

Katie Knight portrait BW

Katie Knight

Project Coordinator
(Digital Brighton & Hove)

Fay Morris

Digital Champion Coordinator (England)

Francis Barton portrait

Francis Barton

Data Analyst & Web Technician

Anna Dolphin portrait

Anna Dolphin

Community Digital Champion
(Digital Brighton & Hove)

Catherine Dearden

Digital Champion Coordinator (North Yorkshire)

Sarah Collyer

Digital Champion Coordinator (Sussex)

Portrait of John Fisher wearing suit and tie, in black and white

John Fisher

External Consultant

Our Trustees

portrait of Charles Lowe

Charles Lowe

Chair of Trustees

portrait of Tuli Faas

Tuli Faas


portrait of David Cushman

David Cushman


Lucy Wills


Richard Coleman