COL Baseline

COL Baseline: detailed insights into local digital needs and resources are used to evidence and develop a comprehensive strategic  plan

Our programme is evidence based – by baselining the landscape of local digital skills, connectivity, accessibility and organisational digital maturity. Where is the need? What is that need? What is already on offer and how sustainable is it? What opportunities exist and what strategic and policy drivers can underpin the necessary changes?

We use a range of profiling and insight tools to create a detailed overview of your local communities. Those with poor digital skills are identified to predict demand for online access, training and assisted digital support. An audit of resources is mapped against need, to assess provision and gaps. Surveys of staff, partner assessments and a review of local strategies, policies and partnerships completes the picture. We synthesise all this information into an accessible report and draft action plan, which is examined through an interactive partners workshops, leading to an agreed way forwards.

Baseline Details

  1. This includes the project start-up process and setting up of the partnership. The timescale for this depends on the availability of local data and the willingness and commitment of local stakeholders to engage and participate.

Key stakeholders are invited to join a Digital Partnership (generic name) and a workshop is convened to form the partnership and lay out the requirements for analysis phase.

  1. Following the meeting, stakeholders are surveyed using the Digital Maturity Assessment and front line staff questionnaires. Detailed mapping, surveying and policy analysis is carried out with partners, local assets and demographic and geographic analysis.

At the end of this phase a seminar is staged to share and discuss the findings and recommendations.

Following the meeting, key documents are produced including an Executive Summary report and recommendations for action planning (supporting data bundles are also made available).

Detailed elements:

Initial Project Setup Admin
getting contract in place and establishing contact with stakeholders
Initial Analysis
Get and compile DWP statexplore data HB, JSA, PC, UC etc
Commission Experian Headline Analysis
Capture Economic Overview data from ONS site
 Map claimant data at LSOA level in QGIS + headline observations
Collect headline policy docs (include chasing partners)
Workshop 1
Produce Workshop 1 content inc case studies/examples
Administer Workshop 1, invites venue admin
Attend Workshop 1
Write up outputs and feed back to partnership
Main Analysis
Detailed Policy analysis and summary
Experian Mosaic Mapping at LSOA level
Compiling Asset Lists
Asset Mapping
Identify geographic and demographic challenges and issues in workshop format content
Outline Recommendations for the partnership
DMA Process  – Per Organisation
Policy and website analysis (assume we already have all data) – duplication -see above
Telephone interviews (assume between 1 and 3 people to interview)
Draft assessment and consult with client organisation – draft Exec summary covers this
Personnel Skills Survey – per Organisation assuming we use current templates
Agee list of participants (assume 15-20 per organisation)
Set up online self-administered survey inc liaison and monitoring
Capture and process results – identify trends
Draft report – just part of Exec summary
Workshop 2
Confirm Workshop 2 content
Administer Workshop 2, invites venue admin
Attend workshop 2 and keep notes/action points
Write up outputs and feed back to partnership – part of outputs for phase 2?
Phase 2 Outputs
Executive Summary
Action Plan
Mapping and Data bundle + ref documents
Stakeholder matrix
Workshop 3
Confirm Workshop 3 content
Administer Workshop 3, invites venue admin
Attend Workshop 3
Write up outputs and feed back to partnership

 Please contact us for further details

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