COL Collaborate

COL Collaborate: Supporting digital skills is a shared venture– the key to success is building effective partnerships

Are the right partners in your area / region meeting to consider digital skills provision? What relevant partnerships exist? How best is it to tier a partnership considering both strategic and operational aspects? Who can secretariat the partnership and help deepen the impact?

No single partner can achieve digital transformation on their own because it relies on a landscape of digital skills provision, as well as interrelated issues such as financial inclusion, welfare reform and poverty. This isn’t about creating yet another meeting, but working as efficiently as possible in the realities of the current landscape. Our proven collaborative approach pulls together a Digital Inclusion Partnership of organisations who have a vested interest in supporting communities with digital skills… such as Housing Associations and health and social care providers, Job Centres (DWP) and the relevant parts of a Local Authority, as well as relevant local businesses and third sector organisations. Our detailed project breakdown makes the specific case for involvement for each partner – we understand the difference in focus, culture and value that can be added. We have off the shelf meeting formats and workshops to support the process.

Partnership details

This package recognises that the collective action of organisations working together to achieve digital inclusion far outweighs what can be achieved through independent activity.

Partnerships go well with the right person empowered in the right meeting to make good decisions. We have extensive experience of working within local authority and service provider environments and are well aware of the barriers and opportunities to good partnership working. The focus is on reducing duplication across provision and identifying where organisations can help to cross promote activities and solve collective problems.  In this package we focus on:

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