COL Journey

COL Journey: Transforming services and developing skills

Moving services online is typically the easy part, the challenge is getting to a position where old channels can be closed and the full benefits of digital processes realised.   This means ensuring everyone who needs the services can access them and providing Assisted Digital for those who can’t navigate the online option themselves.   It often also means up-skilling front line personnel and the personnel of partners and local third sector organisations.  We have proven methods for achieving this including toolkits for frontline staff, an accredited digital champion scheme and bespoke up-to-date signposting to local access and support.  Where necessary we can also help with journey mapping, process mapping and service design.

A key component of this phase is the creation of Digital journeys. Achieving a digital customer journey means that a service user obtains the service, information or other outcome they require solely through a digital access channel.  This could be a website, phone or tablet application or an automated telephony option.  The key test is that from the perspective of the service user is that they do not have to contact a person to achieve this outcome whether it is having a missed bin collected or applying for a school place.  In order for this to be achieved three key things need to be in place:

  1. Digital service options which are intuitive and easy to use.
  2. Customer journeys that encourage and incentivises digital self-service.

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