Our Partnerships with Housing Providers

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Social housing providers include Housing Associations, Registered Social Landlords and Local Authority Housing Teams and all need to consider the role of digital inclusion and skills (pdf) in the services they provide. Whilst almost half of those who are digitally excluded live in social housing, digital inclusion potentially gives tenants more choice and control and… Continue Reading Our Partnerships with Housing Providers

New digital inclusion partnership in Kent!

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We’re working with a consortium of housing providers across Kent, to enable residents to use the internet and develop their digital skills. The consortium includes Town & Country Housing Group, Orbit, West Kent Housing Association and Golding Homes. The work is being part-funded by the Big Lottery Fund as part of a programme of work called One Digital.
The overall aim of the new partnership is to improve tenants’ basic digital skills, and their confidence to access online opportunities and services. Almost half of those who are digitally excluded live in social housing. Digital inclusion can give tenants more choice and control, and better access to lower-cost, improved services.
The new partnership will begin with a research and partnership development project within Kent, focused on digital exclusion issues within the social housing sector. We’ll produce a detailed evidence base of the digital exclusion issues, focusing on some key areas, leading to an action plan for tackling these issues. Continue Reading New digital inclusion partnership in Kent!

Case Study: Professional Digital Champion

Rachel Martin and an elderly woman laughing while facing each other over a tablet, at a cafe table

At Citizens Online, we use the term ‘Digital Champion’ to refer to people who help others understand the benefits of using the internet and can show them how to do simple things online. We believe Digital Champions can make a huge difference to people’s lives. We advocate for the use of different types of Digital… Continue Reading Case Study: Professional Digital Champion

Digital Gwynedd

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Citizens Online has been working in Gwynedd since 2011, commencing with one of 11 BT-funded “Get IT Together” projects and continuing from 2015 onwards with our “One Digital” programme supported by the Big Lottery Fund. Digital Gwynedd has developed significantly over this time and today our hugely successful project and the value of the work… Continue Reading Digital Gwynedd

Our Partnerships with Local Authorities

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Local Authorities have a number of duties which intersect with digital inclusion and skills: Service delivery: This involves sharing information and transacting with citizens. The more citizens can self‐serve online, the greater the efficiency savings. Services can also be improved by effective, well‐designed online processes; Commissioning, and in some cases provisioning, of relevant services such… Continue Reading Our Partnerships with Local Authorities

Our Partnerships with Businesses

Partners in the Get IT Together Project in Leeds

Citizens Online has partnered with businesses since our early days, when Microsoft sponsored us to produce a report on Corporate Social Responsibility in the IT sector. We began a long‐standing partnership with BT in 2002 to tackle the growing inequalities around internet use. That partnership has led to in‐depth support for over 50 communities. Businesses can have an important role in promoting digital inclusion and skills. Continue Reading Our Partnerships with Businesses