Evaluation of the ‘Digital Inclusion Innovation Fund’


With a responsibility for digital in its portfolio, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) are only too aware that 10% of the adult population in the UK are classed as ‘non-internet users’[1]. Citizens Online is one of the organisations trying to tackle this problem and prevent people being left behind in the digital age. Citizens Online was founded in 2000 and since then have worked in over 50 communities across the UK with a range of different public, voluntary and private sector organisations to tackle this problem.

DCMS are aware of barriers to digital inclusion and wanted to encourage new and innovative ways to help people to improve their digital skills. The Digital Inclusion Innovation Fund was launched in 2018 to support this aim (subsequently referred to as ‘the Fund’ in this document). Certain groups of the population are more likely to be digitally excluded so an additional criteria for the Fund was to focus on helping people aged 55 and over, and / or disabled people. Citizens Online was appointed to administer this fund.

As the Fund is for new ideas, test and learn approaches within applications were encouraged. Key to all of this work and the projects is to share publically, learnings about what has worked and what hasn’t. Three projects were awarded funding in Dec 2018. The projects started in January 2019, running until end of Dec 2019.

Each funded project has built in its own ‘Project Level Evaluation’, to assess the impacts and outcomes from its work. Citizens Online is commissioning a ‘Programme Level Evaluation’ of the Fund as a whole.

Programme Level Evaluation

Citizens Online is seeking to undertake an evaluation of the Fund’s overall delivery, outputs and outcomes and make specific assessment of:

  1. The Fund as an enabler for new ideas and innovative approaches to tackling digital exclusion.
  2. The effectiveness of the administrative process for the Fund’s delivery including any lessons learned.

The impact of the Fund on improving digital skills specifically for people over 55 and/or disabled will largely be covered by the individual Project Level evaluations, however there may be observations and learnings from these which can be cross referenced or used in this Programme Level Evaluation of the Fund.


Evaluation Objectives
  1. Assess the Fund as an enabler for new ideas and innovative approaches to tackling digital exclusion.
  2. Assess the effectiveness of the administrative process for the Fund’s delivery, including any lessons learned.
  3. Assess any lessons learnt from the Project Level Evaluations that are relevant for the Programme Evaluation as a whole.
Evaluation Outputs
  • A concise report written in plain English intended for internal use and stakeholders of the Fund (e.g. DCMS, Citizens Online, grant allocation panel and grantees).
  • Learning points relating to each of the Evaluation Objectives.
TimescaleThe deadline for the finalised and agreed Evaluation Report is Monday 30th March 2020.
Request To Quote publishedMonday 14th October 2019
Proposal submission deadlineMonday 28th October 2019 09:00
Notification of successful proposal and notification to unsuccessful applicantsFriday 1st November 2019
Agree evaluation and assessment criteria, methodology and milestones4th-8th November 2019
Submission of draft evaluation report to Citizens OnlineMonday 2nd March 2020
Submission of final agreed evaluation report to Citizens OnlineMonday 30th March 2020

Your Proposal

Please include the following in your proposal:

  • Your qualifications and experience of this type of work (max 500 words)
  • Your proposed assessment criteria and methodology for the evaluation (max 500 words)
  • Your proposed milestones / timetable for the work (keep it simple please)
  • Your price for the work excluding VAT. Please include any payment terms that are relevant to you or your organisation. We have a maximum budget of £8,000 excluding VAT for this work. Please consider this in your proposal – if your price exceeds this upper limit your proposal will be ineligible.

How to submit your proposal

If you are interested in carrying out this evaluation and have capacity to meet the deadline above, please email your proposal of work and cost to Helen Dobson (helen.dobson@citizensonline.org.uk) no later than 9am Monday 28th October 2019.

Please feel free to contact Helen with any questions or additional information you require.

[1] Office for National Statistics March 2019 report