Citizens Online was a lead collaborative partner in the UK-wide digital inclusion programme (2015-2020) known as “One Digital“.

We worked in partnership with Age UK, Clarion Futures, Digital Unite and the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) on Digital Champion approaches to the problem of digital exclusion.

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Key statistics from Citizens Online’s delivery of One Digital Phase 2 (June 2017 – May 2020): 979 Digital Champions recruited; 14,826 individuals supported with digital skills; 771 organisations engaged.

Digital Champions are people who help others understand the benefits of using the internet, and can show them how to do simple things online. They might be employed as DCs, perform the role as part of another job, or volunteer to provide support.

The One Digital programme created a network of 4,700 Digital Champions providing support to help 61,000 people learn new digital skills and benefit from being online.

Our evaluation of Phase 2 (June 2017 to May 2020)

This evaluation covers Citizens Online’s delivery of One Digital Phase 2 between June 2017 and May 2020.

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It seeks to assess whether the targets and intended outcomes were achieved, and what the impacts were of different elements of our work, across a range of projects delivered in different locations across England and Wales.

Carrying forward the principles of One Digital Phase 1, we sought to assess the Effectiveness, Scalability & Sustainability of Digital Champion (DC) approaches within:

  1. Digital Brighton & Hove and Digital Gwynedd (referred to as ‘Deep Dive’ projects)
  2. Switch projects (shorter term projects in an intended 20 locations)
  3. The Switch ‘whole system’ model for tackling digital exclusion:

In supporting further insights, we also join up and draw on findings and statistics from Phase 1 and Extension Phase of One Digital (September 2015 to May 2017), where we had previously operated four ‘Deep Dive’ projects, including Digital Brighton & Hove and Digital Gwynedd, that carried on into Phase 2.

This Summary Report contains the key findings and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) summary for our programme of work. The more detailed insights about different projects and elements of the evaluation are contained in the appendices, listed at the end of this summary.

An evaluation of Digital Champion approaches within the Switch model was
undertaken by an independent external evaluator (Appendix 1). The remainder of the evaluation was self-assessed by Citizens Online (Appendices 2-10).

All documents linked below are in PDF/A (accessible) format.

Evaluation documents from the other One Digital partners can be found at: