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We promote an inclusive and equal society, reducing the digital divide by helping organisations and communities ensure the switch to online doesn’t exclude people.

To implement successful digital transformation, inclusion and accessibility must sit at the heart of any changes. We help to ensure that your clients, residents and service users are not left behind in the digital age and increase take-up of your digital services.

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Since 2000, Citizens Online has developed a wealth of experience in digital and social inclusion, digital skills, leadership and transformation.

We care about the digital world and the experiences people have within it – we are here to help make them positive.

We provide a wide range of services and consultancy including:

Solutions to improve digital inclusion 

Our Switch approach to tackling digital inclusion is the most effective and sustainable way to help your residents, clients or service users improve digital skills. Switch is flexible as we understand that organisations and localities are facing different challenges. Switch is a whole system approach consisting of three main elements: Evidence, Partnership, and Digital Champions. Our clients include Dorset Council, Brighton and Hove City Council, Gwynedd Council, Orbit Housing, Town and Country Housing, Epping Forest District Council and many more.

Digital Leadership Training 

We know how difficult it can be for organisations to keep up with the pace of change that technology brings. Our interactive training workshops help delegates to learn and adapt to new, more effective ways of working to deliver better services. We have three off the shelf workshops: Digital Leadership, Digital Dialogue and The Digital Switch but we can also design bespoke content to meet client needs and learning outcomes. Our informative half day workshops are delivered by two experienced trainers and prices start from £1,000 + VAT. Our clients include Cambridge Council, Cheshire East Council, Surrey County Council, Worthing Voluntary and Community Organisation and many more 

Strategy Development 

With 20 years experience working in digital and social inclusion, and digital transformation we have helped many organisations to decide and commit to a long term digital vision. We’d be delighted to hear more about your needs so we can design a programme of strategy development to help your organisation achieve its goals. Clients include: Swindon Council, Glasgow Housing Association, Staffordshire Rural Homes.

Digital Equalities Impact Assessment 

Do you want to make digital changes but are concerned about the impact on your clients? We can research and evidence these changes and advise you how to keep negative impact to a minimum. Clients include Public Health England, Highlands and Islands Council, West Wales European Centre.

Research and data mapping  

Where do you start trying to tackle a problem as deeply entrenched as digital inclusion? Our research team can design programmes to identify areas most in need in your locality. Find out where are the people most likely to lack digital skills? Clients include Northern Ireland Development Agency, Menter Môn Anglesey, Plymouth Council, Gwynedd Council.


We have extensive experience of evaluating the impact and capturing the learning from your work. Our research team use a variety of evaluation methods to best suit your needs and we produce high quality, accessible and engaging reports. Talk to us about your needs.

Clients include Brighton & Hove Council, Public Health England, Gwynedd Council, Hyde Housing, Devon County Council.

Digital leadership for health sector training 

With many GP surgeries and Medical Centres trying to encourage patients to do more online we have designed a half day workshop to help all staff learn more about digital inclusion and have confidence in their own skills to support others. We can bespoke our content to your practice. 

Digital skills audits 

When transforming your organisation it’s important to ensure your staff have the confidence and skills to come along on that journey. Talk to us about skills audits and analysis. Clients include Epping Forest District Council, East Hampshire Council, Surrey County Council.

Delivery and design of awards or grant schemes

We have designed and administered many grants and awards over the years, such as the DCMS Digital Inclusion Innovation Fund (2018-ongoing).

We’re always open to partnership working, and as a registered charity can help with your CSR objectives.

Find out more about our team and our portfolio of work.