Switch in depth

There are three main phases to our Switch approach: Switch Readiness, Switch Resources and Switch Resilience. More detail on each of these is provided below.

Switch Readiness

Our Switch Readiness programme of research and partnership development will help you baseline your current digital inclusion challenges and opportunities. We will help to develop an action plan for digital inclusion, with measurable impacts, founded in partnership working, and delivering on wider strategic drivers. Our programme includes:

  • A comprehensive baseline report demonstrating the digital landscape for your community
  • Digital exclusion risk assessment, asset mapping, gaps and needs analysis
  • Local partnership development through engagement activities, including facilitated workshops, surveys and in–depth interviews
  • Development of a strategic action plan with key partners, using local evidence and advice based on good practice developed elsewhere.

Switch Resources

Person using mobile phoneOur Switch Resources programme helps your partnership to deliver a digital inclusion action plan. We can assist with staff training, signposting and the deployment of different types of Digital Champions. Customer journey changes can also be made that align service transformation with digital inclusion support. Our programme includes:

  • Recruitment and training of Digital Champions from within your own and partner organisations, increasing the capacity to deliver basic digital skills
  • Free access to the Digital Champions Network including extensive resources
  • Reliable and up–to–date signposting tools for online access points, digital skills training and related issues such as literacy support
  • Consultancy advice on customer journeys for specific services, to improve efficiency and outcomes
  • Targeted marketing and promotion of activities across a locality, to raise the profile of digital inclusion activity through workshops, meetings and campaigns
  • An evaluation and monitoring framework to measure your journey and successes.

Switch Resilience

audience with hands upOur Switch Resilience programme will help you to deepen and extend your partnership, finding additional resources through mainstreaming digital inclusion. We can assist with fundraising bids, project management and networking events. We help focus on growing understanding between partners so that wider partner needs are met. Our programme includes:

  • Cycles of learning, review and improvement focused on activities and targets set by local partners
  • Assessing outcomes, based on a tried and tested monitoring framework and industry–standard return on investment measures
  • Understanding what a local area needs to sustain Digital Champion skills and/or capacity to deliver basic digital skills provision into the future, including funding, people and information resources
  • Looking for opportunities to mainstream and fund digital inclusion work and coordination activities; making applications
  • Planning for any transition in project management.

To discuss which elements of our approach would be most appropriate to increase digital inclusion in your area, please go ahead and contact us!