Accessibility policy statement

Accessibility is at the heart of what we do at Citizens Online. We are in the business of removing the barriers to the digital world for everyone.
This site is designed with accessibility for all as a guiding principle. This means:

  • It runs on WordPress, one of the most accessible-by-default website systems
  • We chose a theme (Aaron) that was stated to be “accessibility-ready” and responsive
  • We have carefully considered the structure of the site and how users can navigate it most easily
  • We have thought carefully about how the information on each page is structured and labelled
  • We have aimed to use language and design that is clear and cognitively accessible, while being appropriate to our intended audiences
  • We have used paragraphs of reasonable length, and line length (measure), font size, and paragraph spacing that are designed to be within common readability guidelines
  • We have checked our colour combinations for visibility and contrast ratios, bearing in mind various impairments that our visitors may have
  • We aim to adhere to standards and best practice for technical accessibility eg alternative text for all illustrative (as opposed to decorative) images and charts, meaningful link text, keyboard-accessible navigation, and logical page structures
  • All parts of site should be as fully accessible to mobile device browsers and computers with smaller screens as they are to those with larger screens
  • The site text should display fully, and site navigation should function fully, when using a text-only browser or when JavaScript is turned off

Our policy is that:

  1. Our website should not present barriers to access and use for anyone visiting the site, whether using assistive technologies, a devices with a less common screen size, or via slower connections;
  2. We will respond to all comments or complaints about the accessibility of our website(s), and where issues are identified we will try to put things right as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or problems relating to the accessibility of this website, please email us at or use the form on the contact us page, and we will respond.