Data privacy policy statement

What data we collect

Citizens Online collects personal data through the forms on this site. The data we collect is only what the user provides to us: usually their name and email address plus the content of the message. We cannot, and do not, collect any other personal data about site users. The data is stored safely within our secure contact database. The data is not shared outside Citizens Online, unless we have prior consent of the person concerned.

We also maintain:

  • a subscriber list for our MailChimp newsletters, hosted securely with MailChimp,
  • lists of people who have attended our webinars and online workshops, hosted securely with Eventbrite
  • a contacts database for each digital inclusion project we work on, where relevant individuals and organisations have provided their information to us directly.

Reasons for collecting data

We collect and store this data to respond to user requests and enquiries, and to keep in touch with people about our work.

How long we keep data

If we have received personal information from or about you — for example you have completed the contact form on our website, you have emailed us, or you have given us your details as part of receiving digital support or a loan device from us — we will keep your information for a period of time while we are in communication with you, for the purposes of that communication and of any digital support we may provide to or through you. From the date communication or support between you and Citizens Online stops, we will delete your personal information within a maximum of one year, or sooner if you specifically contact us to request this.

If you have signed up to our newsletter or webinars contacts list, your personal information will remain on that list until you either unsubscribe directly, or ask us to remove you.

Your right to access or delete the data we hold about you

You have the right to know what data we hold about you. You also have the right to ask us to delete the data we hold about you. To ask us to tell you what data we hold about you, or to delete the data we hold about you, please contact Joanne McMahon by email via the form on our Contact page.

User tracking and web cookies policy statement

We use Google Analytics to gather anonymous data about visitors to this website. We use this data to analyse how the website is working and to indicate areas where the website can be improved. Google Analytics works by setting web cookies within your web browser, which helps it track your movement though our site. For example, which pages you visit, any links you click and how long you spend on each page. None of this data contains is traceable to you as an individual. Here is more information about web cookies in general. You have the right to block the setting of cookies by this site.
You may also be interested in being able to monitor or block tracking technologies online. One way to do this is to install a recommended add-on for your browser such as Ghostery.