Our Impact Report 2023-2024

Citizens Online Impact Report 2023-2024

We’re delighted to publish the Citizens Online Impact Report for our work in 2023/ 2024. We are a small but mighty team and this report highlights the amazing impact we achieve through our collaborative approach. We are immensely proud of helping at least 8223 learners, distributing 969 devices and supporting 386 digital champions last year. Despite our numbers of digital champions being smaller, we have ran more support sessions and gifted more devices than last year.

Our figures this year highlight the disproportionate impact digital exclusion can have on specific groups, out of a sample of 638 learners: 

  • 52% have a disability or health condition 
  • 70% are on a low income 

And before support from us: 

  • 60% did not have access to a device  
  • 26% did not have access to the internet 

 The rising cost of living partnered with the increasing move of services online, is causing a significant gap between those that are digitally included and those that are excluded. Our report this year dives into new areas to tackle digital exclusion, including home visits in Brighton and Hove and employment support in Gwynedd, North Wales.

While our numbers are impressive, it’s the stories from learners that bring to life the positive difference our work makes. If you would like to read more stories about our learners, we regularly publish case studies here

 As well as working with learners we also support organisations to make sure their digital transformation is inclusive. More needs to be done to make digital inclusion part of everyday practice both in service delivery and design. There is no point in having brilliant digital services if your clients struggle to use them.