Digital support for Brighton & Hove Residents; a story of three learners

A man using a tablet

One of our digital champions supports several learners in Brighton & Hove. The stories below bring to life how having a device and digital support can improve confidence and wellbeing.   

Nigel’s Tablet

Nigel lives with dementia. He had often seen his family members using devices and wanted to learn how to use his iPad, so that he could join them in the digital world.  

We had regular weekly sessions where Nigel could take time to explore the iPad in a safe and non-judgemental environment. We made notes that he could then take home and use to practice things we had covered in the sessions, with support from his wife. One of the best things to hear was how Nigel had managed to step outside of his comfort zone and search for something on the internet on his own.  

Nigel loves football and he now uses his iPad to find results, scores and fixtures using the BBC Sports app. He also uses Safari to explore hobbies and search for things that he finds interesting.  

As my sessions with Nigel came to a close, he said that he was happy with where he was and told me how his relationship with the iPad had changed. He said that he initially viewed it as something that was intimidating and frustrating, but he now sees it as something that is fun and helpful to use. He didn’t want to know every little thing the device could do; he had learnt everything he needed to feel comfortable and break through the barriers of digital exclusion. 

Steve’s Smartphone   

When I started supporting Steve, he had very limited experience with his iPhone. He knew the basics but wanted to gain the confidence to do more.  

Several 1-1 sessions later and Steve has mastered all the skills he wanted to learn with his device and so much more. Steve now uses his phone for communicating on WhatsApp and Messenger. He also uses it for his job, checking the news, finding football updates, and listening to his favourite bands. 

It has been incredible watching his confidence grow. He’s really proud of his progress and is always enthusiastic to show me the new things that he is able to do with his iPhone. And more often than not showing me how to do things I never knew you could do!   

Working with Steve has been an absolute pleasure. He brings so much joy and optimism to each session and it’s amazing to see him succeeding in the digital world.  

Patricia’s Tablet  

Patricia wanted to learn how to use an iPad and join the digital world. Although she hadn’t used a tablet before, she was optimistic and approached the challenge with a positive outlook.  

We had several 1-1 sessions together, starting off with the basics, like navigating the iPad and sending messages before getting more adventurous with downloading apps and shopping online.   

There were many hurdles that we had to overcome together, such as newer apps and features that were unavailable on Patricia’s iPad. Together we persevered, learned and found solutions that would allow her to get the most out of her device. We created notes that she was able to take home and practice with, leading to her making some amazing progress between sessions.  

Since we started, Patricia has been using the internet to shop online, catch-up on TV, and even compare car insurance. By practicing what we she has learnt in sessions and going outside of her comfort zone, she has been able to truly take ownership of her device.  

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