Photo of the Dartford Crossing bridge at night

Citizens Online are working in the local areas of Dartford and Thurrock. We are providing digital assistance and support for the Dart Charge service. This involves supporting both new and existing customers to boost their digital skills to confidently pay the charge online. Read on to find out about the project, where to find digital support, and how you can get involved.


National Highways have been making improvements to the Dart Charge – which is the online digital payment system for journeys using the Dartford Crossing. At Citizens Online we have provided wrap-around support to ensure everyone who needs to pay the Dart Charge online, can. You can learn more about what we do on our ‘What we do’ page.

Throughout this improvement process, Citizens Online have:

  • Ensured digitally excluded customers and potential customers’ needs have been considered.
  • Subsequently provided advice and guidance on how to support digitally excluded customers
  • Supported research during the development of the website
  • Created a strategy with recommendations to National Highways as they work to improve the service, making it easier and more accessible to use
  • Trained and supported staff in the area to help people with their digital skills and pay the charge

Digital Support

The new Dart Charge service launched on 28 July 2023. We now have Digital Champions working in the surrounding areas of Dartford and Thurrock to provide digital assistance and support for people to access these online services.

Do you or someone you know:

  • Need help to use the Dart Charge online service?
  • Want to increase your digital skills to build your confidence to do more online?

Contact Us

If so, please call our Free Digital Helpline on 0808 196 5883 or text us on 07575 997345.

You can also complete our referral form here and one of our team of trained Digital Champions will get in touch.

Get Involved

In addition, we have been working with organisations in Dartford and Thurrock to support them to support others with digital skills.

If you are an organisation in Dartford or Thurrock and would like to join our network, then we would love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about the Dart Charge service and how we can work together to support residents in the area.  Please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

If you are in the area and would like to become a Digital Champion, then please contact us on our freephone 0808 196 5833. In short, a Digital Champion supports people to improve their digital skills and safely benefit from the online world. You can learn more about being a Digital Champion on our volunteer page.