Getting Online: Providing learners with home based support

Man on a laptop sitting on a sofa

Digital exclusion is more likely to affect people who are older and / or disabled. These groups may not be able to leave their homes as easily as others. Being unable to get out and about can be a huge barrier to accessing support, interests, hobbies and grocery shopping. There is a high risk of social isolation for people unable to easily leave the home. This risk is increasing as support and care services become more stretched. It’s too easy for people to be cut off from their community and social connections – especially if they are digitally excluded.  There is therefore a need for home-based support.

There is a lot of excellent digital inclusion provision available in Brighton & Hove. But this provision is mostly community and in-person based. This requires people to leave home and often use transport to access support. We recognised a growing need for home-based support and a gap in provision. Members of our Digital Inclusion Network confirmed our concerns.  

To respond to this need, we have developed a digital support service to provide home-based support. We have also ensured that extra safeguarding is in place. 

Learner and Referrer Feedback

We’ve seen the real and life changing difference getting online is making to people’s lives

A referrer from the Hospital Discharge service told us:  

“This will have such a positive impact on [the patient’s] wellbeing and give him back some independence”. 

A staff member supporting a person with agoraphobia requested digital support home visits. They described the need for this support:  

“As J won’t go outside I would like the outside to go to J”. 

We have supported a learner in their 80’s living with long term health conditions. They told us:  

“Thank, thank, thank you! You and your team are brilliant! I’m so excited I am now connected!”, and then made a squeal of excitement. 

Getting Help with Digital Skills

If you or someone you know needs help with digital skills in Brighton & Hove please call 0808 196 5883 or fill in this short referral form.
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